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About Us

About Ultra 3D Magic

Lenticular printing is all about making an impact, and we’re here to make sure your impact exceeds all expectations. In Ultra 3D magic, we specialize in high-quality custom lenticular projects. We have served marketers, ad agencies, printers, and companies of all sizes with innovation that has driven our company.

Ultra 3D Magic provides cutting-edge 3D lenticular print solutions to meet all your needs. Our foundation is based on imagination, innovation, quality, and integrity. We are a Mumbai-based full-service lenticular producer of both small as well as large-format photographic images with 10 times more visibility.

We know that most of our clients are new to lenticular technology and look up to us for help to make their products great. We take this responsibility seriously and work closely with you to understand not just your art but also your vision for the project. We can give you a clear explanation of the technology and guide you on how best to incorporate it into your project.

We believe in “Make everyone happy” supremacy. Hence our goal is to make you happy enough to tell your family/friends and co-workers how easy it is to get a great product from Ultra 3D Magic.

About Ultra

Ultra 3D magic is a part of Ultra group founded in 1982, a well-known name for primarily dealing with production and distribution of movies present all over India and in the international market. Over the years we have diversified into corporate gifting business with expertise in

Ultra Soft Toys

Ultra soft toys widely offers range of unique gifting products for your loved once.

Mintage World

Mintage world is Online Museum catering to Numismatics, Notaphilists and Philatelist based in Mumbai.

Why Lenticular Printing?

To take Marketing and product to the next level!!!

3D lenticular printing lets you:

  • Use lenticular printing to create marketing and advertising material that is visually more appealing because of various effects like 3D animation, zoom, and morph
  • Differentiate yourself from other companies in terms of uniqueness
  • Have a positive and memorable impact on customers
  • Increase brand awareness and attention

It's time to differentiate yourself from competitors and create a brand identity. Lenticular printing will help you engage people like never before.

Discuss your ideas, concept, and requirement with our team and we will suggest the best and most innovative and attractive ways to market and advertise your business.

Innovative and Creative

Everyone has been looking for an innovative and creative way to promote and market their business, products, or message across their customers.


It is really important to stand out and not to get lost in a crowd of ads. The longer somebody looks at an advertisement the strongest chance of them being interested in a service offered, which is why getting the advertisement right and effective is extremely essential.

Lenticular Prints

Unlike conventional printing, lenticular prints provide an exciting dimension by adding motion or varying perspectives when viewed from different angles.