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Ultra 3D magic is a professional 3D lenticular printing manufacturer and wholesaler. We can provide the best and most reliable 3D printing service to meet the customers’ requirements.

Our main product covered 3D lenticular giveaways and promotion, 3D lenticular stationery, 3D lenticular personalized gifts, lenticular advertisement poster and large format printing, and many more. Our services are also available with eco-friendly material, stunning printing, and a fantastic 3D effect.

Our products have a varies of usage for your daily use such as home decoration photos, personalized gifts, kids pro educational products, and greeting cards. With high-grade management, professional designing team, and skillful staff we can supply your one-stop service provider from design to produce from raw material to end packing.

Lenticular Printing

Lenticular printing is an illusion of depth with its dramatic effect such as color-changing, image flipping and 3D depth are the ultimate solutions for all your promotional product needs.

  • Depth Shows distance of depth between layers or objects.
  • Flip Change from image to another.
  • Animation Movement of objects.
  • Zoom Bring item or object in focus.
  • Morph Transforming one object into another.
  • Combination of two effects together.


An artwork file received from a client is processed in our high-end tailor-made software to produce variety of effects like 3D, Flip, Zoom, Morph, or animation. Images are combined or converted into 3D as per the client’s desired effect.

We will carefully guide you in order to achieve the best possible results from your lenticular prints.

We have all types of customized lenticular products for you as per your needs from attractive business cards to posters and displays, animated rulers to key chains, coaster to mouse pad, and many more. We have different promotional and advertising products are many more.

  • Advertising Poster, Displays etc.
  • Promotions Key chain, Coaster, Mouse pad, Calendar
  • Manufacturing Business card, visiting card, gift card
  • Stationary Ruler/Scale, Bookmark, Notebook cover
  • Travel Ticket, Postcards, Luggage tags

And many many many more...


It is really easy to get caught up with the process and technology used to fabricate your project and that’s where Ultra 3D Magic comes in.

Our dedicated and creative team guides you throughout during lenticular project at every step making it simple and easy to follow. Every lenticular project is given special treatment from start to finish. We start the process from planning stages of artwork and finish it after shipment and fulfilling your needs.