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Welcome to Ultra 3D Magic 3D Lenticular Printing Services for B2B.

Our organisation ‘Ultra 3D Magic’ provides 3D Lenticular Printing services, which can be used greatly in marketing, promotion, branding and packing instead of using traditional print medium. Lenticular printing is new & can revolutionaries the packaging industry & can surely give your product promotion or marketing campaign extra edge over your competitors to get you noticed.

We know that most of our clients are new to lenticular technology and look up to us for help to make their product great. We take this responsibility seriously and will work closely with you to understand not just your art but also your vision for the project. For your Custom lenticular project we include an artwork review. We will advise and help you to correct potential changes in your supplied artwork that will get you use full potential impact of Lenticular Printing Technology.

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Lenticular print combines a clear plastic lenticular lens mounted with specially prepared graphics (interlaced images) printed on paper. When viewed from different angles, different areas under the lens are reflected to the viewer. Views are arranged under the lens so that each eye is projected a different view. Different Lenticular Effects can be used as per requirement.

  • DEPTH EFFECT - Shows distance of depth between layers or objects.
  • FLIP EFFECT - Change from image to another.
  • ANIMATION EFFECT - Movement of objects.
  • ZOOM EFFECT - Bring item or object in focus.
  • MORPH EFFECT -Transforming one object into another.