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The early years of a child are extremely important in many ways – they form the foundation for future development. Flashcards are a proven way to teach and train children on various topics of interest, as it relies on the part of the brain that captures and processes visuals. Visual memory is in fact is the strongest part of human memory. 
Flashcard learning for children is quite popular as a playful means to introduce children to alphabets, numbers, animals new words, images or concepts. 
Ultra 3D Magic has specially designed Alphabet cards with Lenticular Printing/Motion Printing to really grab their attention. This makes the usually plain learning process fun, exciting and engaging, which should speed it up and make it easier too.

Why Flashcards are important
• Engage "active recall"
• Utilize your understanding and thinking process.
• Allow for confidence-based repetition
How Lenticular Printing is different
• lenticular print is 2 times more attractive than standard print due to the motion effect.
• Retention for Lenticular print is 4 times more than standard print.
• Due to extra engagement time for Lenticular Prints performance result improves.

Ultra 3D Lenticular Kids Early Learning A-Z Alphabet Animals Flash Card

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